Cass' bio is up on this site because she co-hosts American Town Hall with Mary Grill and Matt Hobby! 

You can see her recurring on the HBO series "The Brink" starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins and in William Monahan's (writer, The Departed) feature film "Mojave" with Oscar Isaac & Garrett Hedlund. You can also see her in the past guest starring on Key & Peele and Married on F/X. You could maybe see her in a couple of independent shorts she did during the summer of 2014 if they make it to festivals like their directors are hoping they will and you happen to be at those festivals. If you saw her in any of the plays she did at the Soho Rep, Cherry Lane theater or her solo show "I Remember Edwina DeBooveman's One Woman Show" at the PIT & Magnet theaters in NY, she'd like to say "my parents really appreciated seeing all those strangers in the audience, because I went to Sarah Lawrence College on their dime to learn to do those things and then after that I went to the William Esper Studio to learn them even harder."

Oh, and to answer your other question, "Bugge" is pronounced is "boo-gay," it's Norwegian, like one half of me. I'm sure you were wondering.