Hi! I’m Mary Grill and I love American Town Hall! I’m one of the writerperformerproducerhosts alongside, Cass Bugge, who is my good friend and Matt Hobby, who is my husband.

These days I do mostly television and American Town Hall. I’ve been on: Veep, Mad Men, The Mindy Project, Eagleheart, The Comedians, You’re The Worst, Whitney, Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23, Boardwalk Empire, The Onion News Network, and I was the voice of a purple devil lady on Ugly Americans. I’ve starred in two movies: “Slow Learners,” and “Breakup At A Wedding.” I kiss someone in both movies.

I’ve written and performed tons of sketch comedy shows primarily with my husband Matt and a great group of folks from New York City, we called ourselves New Exc! tement. We did show’s all over New York, and did bunches of comedy festivals, but the most exciting one was Just For Laughs in Montreal. I also had a great time performing on Maude Night at The Upright Citizens Brigade, in New York City, where I did all sorts of shows over the years. I am from the suburbs of Chicago, so I trained at Second City, wrote and performed sketch comedy there, and then was hired to be part of The Second City House Ensemble, where I improvised some really fun shows.

I went to The Theatre School at DePaul University and got a BFA in Acting, where Dexter Bullard was nice enough to tell me: “do comedy.”